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Posted On November 4, 2013
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Effective WebsiteEvery business has different needs, but when choosing a website there are a few things that all of them have in common. It is very important for a website to engage a user and influence them into certain actions.

Here are five key elements of effective web design:

  1. Effective Website Headlines

    Headlines—when used effectively—should draw a user in and make them want more. A headline is often your first chance to grab a visitor's attention and keep it. It should influence them and make them want to continue to read and not click on the back button.
  2. Website Content

    Content is extremely important for any website. Without unique content, a website stands no chance of ranking in the search engines. This content should be relevant and engage the user. Each website is different and there are many different ways to influence someone with different types of compelling content.
  3. Website Calls to Action

    This is extremely important and should be one of the first things addressed when designing websites. What do you want the person to do? Your website should influence them with precise calls to action. It can be as simple as order buttons, free gifts, coupons or bringing their attention to a phone number.
  4. Website Color Scheme

    This is one key element that is often overlooked. Colors have certain psychological effects on people. Bright colors, like red and yellow, are known to increase the heart rate. If you want somebody to be excited about something, think about using these colors. Soft colors like blues, greens and grays have the opposite effect. They can be soothing and almost hypnotic. It all depends on what you want to influence the user to do.
  5. Website Navigation

    This is yet another area of web design that is often overlooked. Too many choices can make a website too busy and quickly turn off a user. You want to use a navigation menu system that is simple and straight to the point. You can think of the menu system as small bread crumbs that lead the user to the ultimate prize.

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Derek Wood

Nakisha is a true Renaissance Woman--entrepreneur, business strategist, product manager, web developer, web designer. Her drive and ambition towards excellence is seen in every aspect of her business from product development to customer service. Working with Nakisha is great...

Starkey's Lookout
Robert Henry

Nakisha, Alyssa and the whole team at RightNow Web Design have taken great care of us throughout our process of building a new site. We were incredibly impressed with their responsiveness, flexibility and know how.

Lynne Van Tilburg

Thanks for doing such a great job! It was a pleasure to work with RightNow Web Design. They were incredibly creative and professional. Our new website is very easy to maintain and looks fantastic!


Thank God for RightNow Web Design! Quintez (Quentizas), Nakisha and the team displayed an immediate and uncanny enthusiasm for my project from conception to completion. Their ability to translate a myriad of complex ideas into an easy to understand web visual is simply amazing! Technical aptitude aside...

J. Yang

Based on my design and marketing background, I was very impressed with Right Now Web Design ability to translate my ideas and execute them brilliantly. Nakisha is very talented and professional. She delivers work on timely basis and within budget...

Jose Henriquez

Working with RightNowDesigns for our project www.mypandaagency.com was great! We never thought we could get such a quality website for the price they charged us. This doesn't happen too often but this company over delivered. Thanks

Robert Sweeney

We have been using RightNow Web Design for 2+ years and are quite satisfied with the quality of their work and customer service. They have built new sites for us as well as maintenance work/add on features with others. We highly recommend their company.

Stuart Fraass

I am writing this letter as an endorsement of Right Now Web Design and their work in creating my website StuartFraass.com and video blog MortgageAdviceTV.com. Not knowing how to go about building my website and video blog, I did a Google search in January of 2010 to find a internet website developer...

Anthony Bell

I had no clue what I wanted or what I needed in terms of a website. I am not good with computers and don't know much about the internet. RightNow's team helped me every step of the way and made things plain and clear for me. I'm very, very satisfied with their service.